Free Pelvic Health Guides

All About Your Bowels

Bowel Health

This 5-page guide is designed to walk you through some basics of improving your bowel health. If you struggle with constipation, trapped gas, bloating, incomplete emptying or diarrhea, download this guide for some simple management tips! 

Bladder Health

This 8-page guide is designed to give you the breakdown of bladder basics. If you struggle with urinary leaking, frequent peeing or strong urges to pee, download this guide and get started with my 5 favourite bladder health tips! 

Menstrual Health

This 9-page guide is designed to help you figure out if a menstrual cup or disc is right for you. This guide will help you figure out the right fit, give you troubleshooting options if your product isn't working, and help you understand how to measure your cervix height!